How Our Quality System Works

SPS’s dedication to quality is evident in providing a Total Quality Management process throughout all operations. Each year, SPS conducts hundreds of site inspections that prompt discussions on the progress and quality of the work being performed. During these site visits, everyone in the field is encouraged to offer their ideas and constructive opinions regarding quality, cost consideration, and more.

"Prove to me it's right"

- Wayne P. Capolupo, SPS Chairman and CEO

From the start our Total Quality Management motto has been “Prove to me it’s right”, which challenges our management teams to get it right the first time. TQM is not a tool to be used in certain situations, it is a way of thinking that influences our whole construction process. Improvement is not a separate activity. It’s built into the work plan.

Life at SPS

Excellence is possible.

Consistent quality performance is achieved by investing in our people. We know the impact of giving all employees meaningful work and opportunities for advancement. Training and development of our people is key to our continuous improvement.

Right the First Time, Safe All the Time

It is no secret that quality and safety go hand in hand. Upper management continuously trains and collaborates with our younger managers to cultivate a quality culture of continuous improvement to provide great outcomes.

This concept is time tested and still relevant today. Our management teams use this planning cycle to assure the best possible experience for our clients, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Executive oversight monitors schedule management with attention to critical path and completion dates that help us work smarter, faster and efficiently, while making sure our management teams have the capacity to meet our deadlines.