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Safety (Training) Stand Downs in 2023
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Safety At Every Step

The first step in any SPS project when it comes to safety. Getting all of the pieces in place and on the same page with safety. From the office to the job site with training and communication procedures.

Executing on the plan from step one with daily/nightly safety briefings and tool box talks relevant to the job at hand. Making sure everyone knows the plan for project work to be done correctly and safely.

Reviewing what’s working and what can be further improved upon to maintain jobsite effectiveness and efficiency while also noting where safety could be improved

Team members within SPS, project owners, and sub contractors review the results of the audit and communicate any adjustments necessary to the original project safety plan.

In this final step, all parts of the project team work to ensure that the project is completed as planned and as safely as possible by integrating any changes deemed necessary in the prior steps.
  • Site Safety

Every SPS employee has the responsibility to work in a manner that promotes their safety and health along with that of the others on the job site, and to report all unsafe conditions and incidents to their supervisor promptly. 

Scan this QR code with your cell phone and make an observation!

Observations come directly to the Safety Department. Good or bad we want to hear about it!

Mental health services can enable those with mental disorders to live a healthy and rewarding life. It is through using these services that the SPS Team can maintain the mental well-being of everyone on the job site. As important as our physical safety equipment is, so too is having resources and support in place for the entire SPS Team to work safely every day.

There are many organizations and resources out there, such as:

SPS has long been an active participant in National Safety Week which happens annually during the first week of May. During Safety Week the SPS Safety Department coordinates trainings and special events at various SPS job sites, covering topics ranging from addiction support resources to proper PPE. 

In 2023, SPS held Safety Week events at four different locations making it easier for employees across the company to participate. Topics and speakers included:

SPS Monthly Safety Stand Downs are designed to involve all sites and employees in the inspection and education of multiple safety topics throughout the year.  On the last working day of each month, each SPS work site completes a safety topic briefing along with a complete checklist of the topic and an attendance sheet. All SPS employees are required to be involved in their site’s inspection. All sub-contractors present are encouraged to participate as well.

SPS Superintendents and/or Foremen lead the discussions and checklists, and workers split into small groups to cover large areas or multiple pieces of equipment.  All items that are found to be noncompliant are noted and reviewed with the SPS Superintendent or Foreman who is responsible for correcting or reporting all deficiencies.  The intent of this activity is identifying deficient conditions and advancing the education and safety participation throughout the SPS New England workforce.

Safety In Action

The purpose of the Safety Department at SPS is for everyone on the job site to make it home at the end of every day. We are driven by this and the goal to maintain safety on every one of our job sites

With such high standards, comes recognition from others in our industry. The projects below go into more detail exemplifying SPS placing safety as priority number one.

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