Special thanks to HCSS for featuring our Award-Winning I-495 Haverhill Design Build Project.

From the article:

“SPS New England successfully navigated these challenges to deliver a much-needed infrastructure upgrade. Their expertise in bridge building has been a partnership with HCSS since 2002, when tighter profit margins required the company to shift from a revenue-based company that relied on accounting for relaying costs after-the-fact, to a company that could instantly measure daily costs using HeavyJob in 2005. Operating with a budget created directly from the estimate created in HeavyBid, SPS New England’s foremen can use their iPads in the field to track the time their crew spends on a specific phase of work against the budget set by the estimators.

With the seamless integration of HeavyBid to HeavyJob, the budgeted production rate from HeavyBid, along with logged man-hours, quantity tracking, and material tracking can inform the field if they are ahead or behind.

According to SPS – a resource and cost-loaded critical path method (CPM) schedule was used for this project. Implementing a CPM schedule in conjunction with the project controls of HeavyJob, HCSS provided the project management team with up-to-date job cost information, projected spending, and cost projections. This led to an overall best-practice management of the project’s budget. Change orders accounted for $4,043,729.81 (4.24 percent) of the project value; 90 percent of this amount was attributed to an owner-directed safety improvement for designing and constructing a slip ramp on the I-495 mainline.”

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