Deck Barges – 5 Sizes

SPS New England owns 5 types of deck barges, all available for rent:


L-59 Southport  Deck Barge:
SIZE:  38′ x 126′

Navy Barge
SIZE:  22′ x 90′ with self operating hydraulic spuds

L-89 Deck Barge:
SIZE:  30′ x 90′

Fitzburg Deck Barge with Bin Wall Sides:
SIZE:  30′ x 90′

Weeks Deck Barge:
SIZE:  50′ x 100′

View the Specifications PDF for a printable summary of descriptions and photos of all SPS barges available for rent.



  • Overview: The SPS Marine Facility has five Deck Barges of various sizes and types available for rent. View all barges, details and specifications by clicking MORE, or click the Specifications link below for a printable PDF summary.
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