All Electronic Tolling System (AETS)-16 Locations Across MA

Project Overview

The purpose of this MassDOT project was to convert and replace the Western Turnpike, Harbor Crossings, and the MHS interchange-based manual cash and electronic toll collection systems with a new system of mainline-based toll points relying only on All Electronic Tolling (AET). The project included both roadway tolling infrastructure and toll collection system technology.

Key Challenges

Roadway tolling infrastructure involved the final design and construction of the structures required to accommodate toll collection system technology at 16 proposed locations.

Services Performed

Additionally, the work included furnishing, installing, testing, and maintaining a complete, functioning, state-of-the-art AETS based on transponder and license plate image processing for identification of vehicles at every new toll zone in the road system, as well as maintaining the existing Tobin southbound AET toll zones. The system was required to report data and transmit data via a toll host system provided by the DB entity to a Customer Service Center provided by others as well as to MassDOT.

  • Location: Mass Pike & Metropolitan Highway System
  • Project Value: $14.4M
  • Owner: MassDOT
  • Services:
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