Dorchester Ave. Tunnel Roof

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
Structures Maintenance

Project Overview

Project Overview:

SPS New England was tasked with installing a new tunnel roof in the Red Line Tunnel. In addition, extensive concrete repairs were performed on the tunnel walls throughout the project limits. This tunnel roof would create a barrier between the Red Line tracks and the Dorchester Ave. Bridge. This bridge was scheduled to be fully reconstructed following the completion of this project.

Key Challenges Overcome:

This project was completed during a series of weekend operations that ran 24 hours a day starting Friday night and ending Sunday night. Each weekend labor, equipment and materials were motored on the tracks to the work site. Detailed planning was extremely important during these operations because small delays could potentially put the entire weekend operation in jeopardy.

Incentives / Awards

Each weekend operation needed to be completed prior to the Red Line service starting up Monday morning.

Interesting Facts / Figures

SPS New England’s Construction Division later was awarded the Dorchester Ave. Bridge Reconstruction Project.