Interstate 93 Somerville Viaduct Preservation

Project Overview:

This preservation project is currently underway and is intended to preserve and extend the life span of the Interstate 93 Viaduct in Somerville, MA between Exit 21 and Temple Street. The project spans approximately one-half mile of I-93 and mainly consists of concrete rehabilitation of the substructure, structural steel repairs, structural steel cleaning and painting, bridge joint replacements, and concrete deck repairs.

Key Challenges:

  • Significant rehabilitation efforts while mitigating impacts to the traveling public during construction
  • Always maintaining a minimum of 2 travel lanes on I-93 during construction

Services Performed:

  • Substructure concrete repairs
  • Structural steel repairs
  • Structural steel cleaning and painting
  • Electrical and fiber optic relocations
  • Bridge joint replacements
  • Concrete deck repairs
  • Traffic management, lane closures, and detours
  • Real Time Traffic Management on I-93
  • Public outreach

MassDOT Project Website:

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