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Project Overview

Project Overview:

– 2022 Orange Line Shutdown:

  • Completed brick repairs and tactile edge concrete repairs at Green Street, Roxbury Crossing, and Ruggles stations. Completed concrete stair repairs at Tufts and Forest Hills Stations.

-Alewife Parking Garage

  • Performed emergency response to remove 5-ton section of concrete barrier that had fallen onto Alewife Station when a driver hit the side of the garage.
  • Completed emergency steel repairs, installed temporary roof, and installed shoring towers while permanent repairs are being designed.
  • Installed 60’ new concrete barrier in place of the old one.

-South Station Netting

  • Assisted with fast-tracked inspection of underside of concrete parking garage ramps used to facilitate South Station Tower project after concrete debris had fallen on the passenger platform. MBTA had shut down truck traffic on the ramps.
  • Installed 300 feet of debris netting under the garage approaches to allow truck traffic to continue.
  • Work coordinated with Keolis, Amtrak, MBTA, Suffolk Construction, and Hines Real Estate.

-Quincy Center Station

  • After MBTA identified fallen concrete debris on Keolis tracks, performed high priority concrete removal and utility support to mitigate hazards.
  • Installed over 20 urgent shoring towers in the abandoned parking garage over Quincy Center Station.

Key Challenges Overcome:

Working with multiple project teams, agencies, and engineering consultants through hazard mitigation and various critical infrastructure findings response.

Interesting Facts / Figures

  • SPS utilized a daily labor force of up to 33 skilled tradesmen throughout the month-long shutdown of the Orange Line in 2022. 
  • Alewife Station lobby closed for 7 weeks to allow access for SPS to install temporary roofing and shoring towers. 
  • SPS has worked in conjunction with the MBTA and over 10 engineering firms to date on this contract.