Tobin Bridge Structural Repairs and Related Work

Boston-Chelsea, MA
$ 17,831,000.00
Bridge Construction

Project Overview

Project Overview:

The purpose of this project is to complete necessary structural repairs to Tobin Bridge on Route 1, a major artery into the City of Boston. Repairs include concrete substructure repairs and bridge safetywalk rehabilitation. Substructure work consists of repairs on the six main bridge piers from the Little Mystic Truss in Charlestown to the Big Mystic Truss in Chelsea. Bridge safetywalk rehabilitation consists of temporary shielding of the existing safetywalk, concrete demolition, bridge painting, and galvanized diamond plate fabrication and installation.

Key Challenges Overcome:

This project has included three times the anticipated contract demolition; over 30,000 SF of substructure repair as well as work with Mass Environmental to remove and reinstall peregrine falcon bird box.

Various steel repairs as directed by the resident and three times as many safety walk and connection angle repairs anticipated to be completed 2024 (300’ to 3,000’).

Interesting Facts / Figures

Concrete conveyance over side of Tobin Bridge to substructure repairs 125’ below.

115’ of scaffold erected and maintained to increase access to substructure repairs